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This page was last received on September 18th, 2017.

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Please contact buyers and sellers directly. All items are listed for 4 weeks, and can be re-listed for another 4 weeks, by notifying me.  Please E-mail me when you buy or sell something on this swap and shop.

This listing is updated weekly, usually on Monday


Plus 3 Turner desk mike, 25.00
2 only Johnson black desk mikes, 25.00 each
M+2 Turner hand mike, c/w box 20.00
MH1B8 Yaesu hand mike, 40.00
Armaco SWR meter 5.00
635 Simpson analog VOM (NOT 635HV), 50.00
RK60 Turner hand mike, 50.00
D104-Tug8 Astatic Silver Eagle desk mike, 50.00
Shipping extra
All items have been tested, and work well
VE4HK – Dick – – 204-256-3143

FT101EE Yaesu HF transceiver, c/w FT101 maintenance manual, and SSB+2 Turner mike, 400.00
HP5032 A counter, 50.00
MFJ207 SWR analyzer, 80.00
Digi Max frequency counter, 20.00\
ARRL Antenna Book, 50.00
23rd edition ARRL Antenna Book, 50.00
Cobra 29WX NW ST 11 meter mobile 50.00
PRO-16 Realistic Patrolman scanner, 30.00
PDC-2 Astatic SWR/Power/Field strength meter, 10.00
YS-500 Yaesu SWR/Power meter 50.00
Items listed below are brand new, never opened, and are available as a package, recently paid 2235.00, will accept offers
FFT-1, scope and decoder unit for FTDX1200
MMFTDX1200 mini manual for FTDX1200, Nifty FTDX1200 mini manual
CC-1 Heil XLR “Y” cable kit to Yaesu 8 pin connector for Yaesu
CT-118 Yaesu band data cable
SCU-1 Yaesu log book
SCU-17 Yaesu USB interface unit
DVS-6 Yaesu Digital voice memory recorder unit
FTDX1200 Yaesu HF/50 MHz transceiver, c/w automatic antenna tuner, 100 watts,
No phone calls as this time, please
VE4GTX – Linda – –– 17/09/24

MFJ207 HF SWR meter 50.00
MFJ949D Versa Tuner II 75.00
MFJ945D mobile tuner 50.00
95-328 American Electronics desk mike (appears to be Silver Eagle knockoff) 70.00
RCS4 Ameritron remote coax switch 100.00
FV101 Yaesu remote VFO 50.00
Sadelta Echo Master Plus desk mike, needs new 9V battery connector and mike sponge foam cover 50.00
63-766 Micronta large digital 12/24 hour clock 25.00
21-522 Micronta three range Power/Modulation/SWR meter 40.00
PRO38 Radio Shack 10 channel scanner 20.00
J-Com Magic Notch 20.00
TR100 Rupp SWR/Pwr meter offers
CS3-G B&W coax switch offers
HS5 Kenwood headphones 60.00
MC80 desk mike 60.00
Will accept reasonable offers, shipping extra
VE4SIG – Jim – – 17/09/03

Following is an estate sale
IC275A Icom 2 meter all mode transceiver, 250.00
FT736R Yaesu 6 meter/2 meter/440MHz all mode transceiver, c/w operator’s and supplement manual,  300.00
IC706 Icom HF/VHF transceiver, c/w remote head, automatic antenna tuner, and mike, 500.00
IC27H Icom 2 meter transceiver, c/w operator’s manual, 100.00
JST-135 JST HF transceiver, c/w digital display, service and operator’s manual, 500.00
SW500 Hallicrafters vintage tube receiver, 1.8-30 MHz offers
PA-10-160 KLM 2 meter amplifier, 10 watts in 160 watts out, 100.00
A1015G Mirage 6 meter amplifier, 10 watts in 150 watts out, c/w manual, 100.00
IC-SP3 Icom external speaker, 20.00
Extension mike cable, 10.00
2 separate 24 ft 3 section Delhi DMX self supporting towers, no bolts, 75.00 each tower
3 element HF Yagi, no information on make, 50.00
6 element 2 meter Yagi, (one director missing), 10.00
6 element 6 meter Yagi, 50.00
Dual 18 element crossed 440 MHz crossed polarization satellite Yagi 200.00
Long 2 meter Yagi (boom about 25 feet), 20.00
Hustler HF mobile masts, c/w RM80, RM40, RM20S, resonators, 75.00
HF multi band vertical, no further information, 50.00
2 meter whip and mobile mount coil, 20.00
2 meter mag mount, c/w 1/4 wave whip, 20.00
Larsen 2meter/440MHz thru glass mount mobile antenna (new in box), 50.00
G800 Yaesu heavy duty rotator, c/w control box, 400.00
Kenpro elevation rotator, c/w control box, 150.00
15-1225A Archeroter Light duty antenna rotator coax and control cable, c/w manual, 25.00
50 ft length of 6 conductor rotator cable, 10.00
RS35M Astron 35 amp metered power supply, 150.00
Phase III Pyramid 35 amp metered power supply, 150.00
Alpha Delta -4 heavy duty 4 position antenna switch, 25.00
DX-10D Diawa VHF/UHF antenna duplexer, 25.00
SX-600 Diamond power/SWR meter 1.8-160 meters and 140 MHz-525 MHz, 50.00
Micronta VSWR/PWR meter 144/440 MHz, 15 watts/60 watts, 10.00
APS-1 KLM/Mirage 144/432 MHz antenna polarity switch, 20.00
Dow Key bug (Morse code semi automatic keyer), 30.00
Vibroplex bug (Morse code semi automatic keyer), 30.00
Delhi 40 foot DMX self supporting tower, 150.00
3 element HF triband Yagi beam, possibly TH3 Hygain, on the ground, 50.00
HAM III rotator and control box, c/w manual, 100.00
12 amp Astron power supply, 50.00
TM241A Kenwood 2 meter mobile, 100.00
Unimetrics Ultracom 25, 12 channel crystalled 2 meter rig, 20.00
EF Johnson low pass filter, 1.8-30 MHz, 10.00
Motorola speaker/mike, 10.00
Armaco code practice oscillator, free
Heathkit code practice oscillator, free
5 Morse code keys, (brass and plastic), $5.00-offers
Older semi automatic key (bug), offers
GE mobile speaker, free
Code practice tapes, free
DX300 Realistic general coverage RX, 100 KHz-30 MHz, 12VDC or 120VAC, excellent cond, good sensitivity, 100.00 OBO
FRG-7 Yaesu 500 KHz-30 MHz general coverage RX, matches FT101 series excellent shape, good sensitivity, 100.00 OBO
TR105 Aimor portable short wave RX, 1.6 MHz-30 MHz, plus FM band, 12VDC or 120VAC 50.00 OBO
JST400 TV controller, plus amateur TV magazines, offers
MFJ multi outlet DC power bar, offers
West Mountain Rigblaster mike/digital mode audio amp. offers
MH1B8 Yaesu hand mike, offers
Archer FM TV preamp, offers
400 watt Eliminator inverter 12VDC-120VAC, offers
Realistic stereo speaker switch, offers
Micronta transistor checker, offers
Parallel port computer switch, offers
25 ft RG6 72 ohm TV coax, c/w F connectors, offers
Sony portable cassette tape recorder, offers
12 ft RG8 coax cable, offers
2 x 50 foot lengths RG58 coax cable, offers
1 only ML-375B power transmit tube, offers
1 only 5868 power transmit tube, offers
1 only 8503 power transmit tube, offers
1 only T-1918 power transmit tube, offers
120VAC line filter, offers
Numerous wall wart power cubes, offers
1990 ARRL Amateur Radio Handbook, offers
Numerous ham callsign prefix maps, offers
Model 400 Robot slow scan TV converter manual only
Prices negotiable, shipping extra
Radios in good working order, as far as Dale knows
No documentation on antennas
VE3EFX – Dale - – 807-547-2443 – 17/09/17


K3 Elecraft s/n 06636 c/w KAT3 internal tuner, four filters, KBF3 general coverage option, PR6 6 meter preamp, KXV3A interface, KPA3 amplifier, 12 volt upgrade, and P3 panadaptor, mike, and all manuals, all excellent condition 2600.00
VE4AMN – Greg - – 204-981-9690 - 17/09/10

TS50S Kenwood, c/w mike and mobile mounting bracket, 475.00
VE4VZ – Rolf – – 204-475-6505 – 17/09/17
FT990 Yaesu, c/w MD-1 desk mike, operator’s manual, original boxes and shipping material, 900.00
AH-2B Icom mobile antenna, c/w stainless steel whip, AH-3 Icom tuner, tunes from 3.5 MHz to 30 MHz, sell as unit, 275.00
DX-A Alpha Delta twin sloper antenna, brand new, 75.00
VE4VOS – Ernie – – 17/09/17


IC-T70 Icom dual band handheld, c/w drop in quick charger, box and manual 135.00
VE4XE – Dennis – – 204-633-0793 – 17/09/17

MD390 TYTERA DMR UHF handheld, 400-470 MHz, c/w original box, manual, programming cable, software, 2 batteries, charger, and 2 antennas, mint condition, 175.00
VE4CSX – Roger – -17/09/10



2 only LF30A Kenwood low pass filters, 50 ohms, 1KW power handling capability, 40.00 each, or offers
VE4AI – Shaun – – 17/09/10

CP11L cigarette lighter adaptor 20.00
701 Nagoya SMA antenna, 7.00
CYA1216E Comet 1.2GHz beam, new in box, 125.00
VE4GWB – Garth – – 204-297-2268- 17/09/17

MC60 Kenwood desk mike, c/w box 100.00
VE4JIM – Jim – – 204-761-5803 – 17/09/10

SB610 Heathkit monitor scope, good working condition, not collector quality, due to previous owner adding switch to front panel, 100.00
VE4XT – Kelly – – 204-795-5892 – 17/09/10

TH5DX Hygain 5 element triband HF beam, swap for A3S or A4S Cushcraft  HF beam, preferably with 40 meter kit
VE4JBL – Jojo – – 17/09/03

30 foot self supporting tower, mini quad antenna, HAM IV rotator, c/w HAM IV manual, all free to a good home, you take down
VE4HM – Mickey - – 204-642-4676 – 17/09/03


75-100 feet RG213 coax cable, or 9913 cable, or LMR cable
VE4DRK – Dan – – 204-297-6755 – 17/09/24

Copies of Communications World Magazine that was published twice a year in the 1970’s
Russ – – 17/09/03 – 17/09/03

SP950 Kenwood speaker
VE4JBL – Jojo – – 17/09/03

Hand mike for Kenwood HF radio
VA4BB – Bruce – – 17/09/17

Used TEKK UHF data radios,( KS960 models or similar) used in packet radios from the 1990’s
VE4DRK – Dan – – 17/09/10

50 feet 300 ohm TV twinlead cable
VE4VZ – – 204-475-6505 – 17/09/17

Old copies of ARLM Callbook, to post on the Internet
VE4QK – Dick – – 204268-1702 – 17/09/14

HF vertical
VE4KU – Dave – – 17/09/17

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